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Olivia_LePage_headshot.jpgKids often struggle with social skills like learning how to make friends, resolve conflicts, and grow confidence and self-esteem. When they turn 18, society expects them to become adults, just like that, in a snap. One would think, with years of education behind them, young adults would be ready; but most schools often overlook the very basics of adult living. Inexperienced mistakes during these formative years can burden young adults with crippling debt, unfavorable rental histories, or criminal records that hinder their progress for decades. These setbacks often stem from a lack of knowledge in financial literacy, self-care and communication skills.

At Life Ed Classes, we believe that practical life skills are essential for young adults to succeed in the real world.

Our curriculum is designed to fill these gaps and help students develop the skills they need to thrive in their personal and professional lives. Each semester, we’ll cover a wide range of topics, including self-care, communication strategies, managing stress, financial literacy, household management, and more. Our founder and primary teacher, Olivia LePage, has a background in social psychology, positive psychiatry, and social-emotional learning; she designed the curriculum based on common life lessons learned during adulthood. Our program is ever-expanding with two specific tracks designed for young students ages 11-14 or 15-18, and adult classes.

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