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Your First Household

Young adulthood is a time to see what personal and financial independence looks and feels like. Some students may find this transition scary, and it’s not uncommon for many to remain living at home well into their 20s. Others may be eager to step out on their own as quickly as possible. 

With an understanding that everyone will move out on their own schedule, we discuss what living independently looks and feels like on a daily basis. Through discussion, role play, and practicing real life skills in the classroom, we can set students up for success and prevent them from expecting their landlords and roommates to take care of them the way parents or guardians once did.  

Household Management class topics Include: 

  • The difference between buying and renting a home.
  • The difference between living in a house and an apartment
  • Living with roommates 
  • Dealing with landlords
  • Understanding contracts
  • Home organization for each room
  • Home upkeep
  • Home appliances use, care, and safety.
  • Home maintenance
  • Home safety
  • Household budgeting; splitting expenses
  • Cooking 101
  • Being good neighbors
  • Selling a home
  • Breaking & ending a lease
  • Moving out 
  • Storage
  • Donations

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