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Self-Care, Self-Identity, and Mental Health

High School years are often depicted as “the best years of our lives”, but many students will find the transition from childhood to adulthood very challenging, frustrating, and perhaps traumatizing for years to come. Most school curriculums are designed to meet state testing standards, which set students up for academic success, but math, science, and language excellence can only flourish if the student has a strong personal and social foundation.

Social Skills Curriculum from Life Ed Classes are designed for students to explore who they are beyond report cards and test scores. The work we’ll do focuses on the exploration of self-identity, the discovery of natural talents, learning personality traits, and strengthening self-confidence. Students will emerge from these classes with a new understanding of their emotional toolkit, and ready to take on the challenges, and opportunities of adulthood, while setting the stage for what comes next: building strong interpersonal relationships

Self-Care Topics Include:

  • Introspective Learning principles
  • Personality profiles
  • Natural talents
  • Emotional triggers 
  • Goal setting
  • Life hurdles and challenges
  • Health and hygiene
  • Self-Care practices
  • Self-Confidence
  • Mental Health: pitfalls and solutions
  • Personal safety: at work, with pets, in nature, and while dating 

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