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Class Handbook

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This handbook intends to give a general guideline, for students and parents.

The purpose of our arduous work:

Is for teens to enter adulthood intellectually and emotionally ready for their future.

Our Belief

Because everyone has something worthwhile sharing, we can all learn from each other.

How we do this work

  1. We strive to prepare teens and pre-teens for adulthood,by providing them a safe space to express themselves while learning about milestones they will likely encounter in their lifetime.
  2. We guide youths, as best we can, in developing their emotional tool kit so that they can become confident adults.

Diversity is an asset

Life Ed Classes welcomes students of any race, ethnicity, gender representation, and ability.

Administrative Prerogative

Life Ed Classes Staff reserves the right to exercise its administrative prerogative in responding to situations or circumstances not specifically covered in this handbook. Life Ed Classes Staff also reserves the right to modify regulations and content at any time without prior notice.

Yes, we can

✓ We will keep communicating with parents/guardians and students regarding class topics, guest speakers, or any other special events.
✓ We will have some nut-free snacks for students, please limit 1 snack per student per class.
✓ We welcome suggestions for future,topics.
✓ We will allow up to 2 classes per semester to be credited due to sickness or absence.
✓ We reserve the right to suspend or expel any student who assaults anyone at any time, whether it be physically, verbally, or virtually (on social media and/or the internet). No refunds or monetary adjustment will be eligible due to suspension or expulsion.

No can’t do

We will not change our curriculum, topics, or lesson plan to accommodate anyone's personal beliefs.Rest assured, that the curriculum and lesson plans have been developed by a professional with care and sensitivity, and in consideration of audience age and development.

He Said, She Said, They Said

Life Ed Classes is not responsible for the opinions and views of any student in the program.  Opinions and experiences will vary from time to time. One of the core goals of this program is learning to listen to each other, even if we don't always agree.

Flaunt it!

If your child wishes for a certificate of achievement, your child must have completed all the homework" and not missed any more than 2 classes.

We all know this, but just in case

Your child will have an important role in their cohort, so it is important not to miss any class time; so please arrive on time. There will be a 15 mins grace period for drop-off and pickup. If a student is not picked up, and no contact has been made after 1-hour, local authorities will be contacted.

Out of the weather

  • If your child has a fever, is coughing is or generally not feeling well, please do not come to class. If your child is getting over a mild sickness, a mask is to be worn during class while them keeping physically distant from others.
  • If the teacher is sick, the class will be postponed. You will be notified earlier during the day,by email or phone number we have on record.

Class Accoutrements

Anything to record notes in writing or by audio your child feels comfortable with is fine if it is not disruptive to the class. Sorry, no note-taking material will be provided.Cell phones, tablets, and laptops are ok, so long as they are used purposefully.

Oh, and!

Please remind your student to complete the short personal questionnaire before the first class. The questionnaire will be emailed to you along with the payment receipt.

Thank You.
See you soon! ☺


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