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Friends and Acquaintances
Written By: Olivia LePage ~ 4/13/2023


It’s important not to mistake acquaintances for friends. Acquaintances are the people you know, friends are the people you can depend on, and they can depend on you, the ones who see you for who you are.

Thinking about the people you know in general; I am sure you can identify who your friends are, the rest are acquaintances of various degrees. Some acquaintances are on a path to being friends, and some are just people we know.

It takes time to foster friendships, it takes listening, forgiveness, investment in time, sincerity, and more listening. Yes, forgiveness, friends are people too, they will fall short sometimes, and so will you. If you're already treating someone else like they are your friend, and yet it feels like you are not getting the same treatment back, then you know where you stand in their book, you're still in the acquaintance section. People have free will, and even though we want to be friends with someone, they might not feel the same way about us. And that’s ok. Never regret being kind. Then move on to someone else who has been giving you interest in being your friend. It’s ok to re-evaluate our friendships.

Next week, we'll go over some ideas on how to make friends.

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