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The Way We See Ourselves
Written By: Olivia LePage ~ 5/11/2023


Most of us believe that, on some level, we project a certain image of who we are. We may be trying to convey how generous we are, how athletic we are, how fashion-conscious, or even how sensitive we are to animal welfare.

An image is in our head, it is not who we are.

Others see us by our actions and how we make them feel.

This is also true about how we see others. For all we know, they're trying to convey an image, which we usually translate as a personal preference of theirs; like a group they belong to, or the pastimes they engage in.

So, you see, all of this is "image-thing" is fluff. Other people see us by our actions, and we leave a lasting impression on them by how we treat them.

Think about how you see others, and what you remember about them, mostly, it is how they made you feel.


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