What makes you, YOU?

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What makes you, YOU?
Written By: Olivia LePage ~ 3/9/2023


What makes a personality can be a real enigma, so here are a few points to ponder about what makes us, who we are at our core.

Our personalities help us move through life, it’s what makes us laugh, and what and how we choose to react to different circumstances. Some would even say it can affect whom we are attracted to.

We may look like our parents, but do the similarities also influence our personalities? Maybe they are molded instead by our environment? Perhaps our personalities are just a reflection of our core, (aka) our soul? Or maybe it’s a mixture of our genes, surroundings, friends, and our culture?

Our personality will be stuck to us for the rest of our lives, so it might be interesting to think about how it is formed.

One last question, do you think our personality changes over time, or does it stay constant?

So many questions, so many thoughts. 

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