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Life Ed Classes
Ages 11 - 18 and up

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Life Ed Classes

The curriculum includes team building exercises with student groups; therefore, classes are offered as a set that will last for the length of one school semester. Classes will be held once per week and last 90 mins.

Life Lessons for Youths: Age 11-14

These classes focus mainly on students getting to know themselves – talents, social skills, challenges, and goals – while building relationships with the wide variety of people who will be in their lives during these critical years of development. We will focus on entry level financial skills – so they can learn about the importance of earning, saving, and wisely spending money, while also better appreciating the role providers play in earning money for the family. Household Management curriculum will focus on ways kids can contribute to the management of their homes – including doing laundry, home upkeep (cleaning and light repairs), home organization, basic cooking, and much more. Social skills will cover making and strengthening friendships, online safety, toxic relationships, respect, etc.

Life Lessons for Youths: Age 15-18

High School is a time of compounding social pressures, with each day bringing young adults closer to the day when they will leave the nest – be it for college, the military, or to enter the workforce. These Life Ed Lessons are designed to help set up a person’s late teens and 20’s for success. Through group discussions, activities, role play, and practice, we’ll cover most everything they will need to know to take care of themselves, build relationships, live within their means while planning for their future, setting work expectations, aiming for work-life balance, moving out on their own, and other life milestones they will soon experience.


Self-Care, Self-Identity, and Mental Health

Relational Communication

Relational Communication


Financial Literacy


Your First Household


Workplace Readiness


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